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Welcome to VirtualTournaments.com!

The 2015-2016 Bowling Season represents our 15th season in providing bowlers with our unique Tournament. Since inception, our Tournament has paid out over $2 million. Some of our Top Bowlers have won over $30,000!

Having a hard time finding a Bowling Tournament in your area? Tired of all the added expenses in attending traditional Bowling Tournaments? Our Tournament is an innovative Bowling Tournament where you use your weekly Bowling League scores to compete against other bowlers throughout the USA.

We offer:

  • A classic, "beat your average" type Tournament with multiple Singles Divisions
  • NEW! A low, $10.00 Entry Fee per division, per league ($15.00 Entry Fee for Doubles)
  • Optional Brackets
  • Handicap is 90% of the difference between the bowler's average and the highest entering average
  • Singles and Doubles Events

How much can I win?

Tournament Payouts

Each individual Tournament week will have a designated prize for 1st - 3rd place. To see what the payouts are for our next Tournament, click on the Entry Form link on the left, then select the Tournament you are interested in.

Payouts will never be below:

  • $100 for 1st place
  • $75 for 2nd place
  • $25 for 3rd place

We anticipate these payouts to go up as we get deeper into the bowling season. You will always know what the exact payouts will be BEFORE you enter a Tournament.

Bracket payouts are as follows (per bracket):

  • $22.10 - 1st place
  • $11.90 - 2nd place

Brackets are a elimination system based on scores you bowl. Brackets include Handicap. You are randomly selected to compete against one other Bowler for every bracket you purchase. If your Game 1 score, is better than theirs, then you advance to Game 2. Beat your opponent in Game 2 and advance to Game 3. If you beat your opponent in Game 3, you win your bracket.

You may enter up to 30 Brackets per division, however, you must be entered into the Tournament for that division in order to enter into the Brackets.

Doubles Tournaments will have double the singles payouts, however, you will split all winnings 50/50 between you and your doubles partner.

How does it work?

Once registered and entered into a Tournament, your scores will be automatically applied to the Tournament when your League uploads to LeagueSecretary.com. We then consolidate and display all scores. On Wednesdays, we begin the verification process by physically calling the Bowling Centers or League Secretaries (sometimes both).

Once all cash winning scores are verified, we then process the payouts for Tournament and Brackets. The payouts are usually completed by Friday for the previous weeks Tournament.

Winners will have their winnings placed into their virtual account where they can pay for future Tournament entries, purchase bowling equipment or they can simply request a check payout.

How do I get started?

The first thing you need to do is register for an account.

Once you have an account, logon to the site with your UserName and Password. Then, click on the "My Info" icon on the top right, then the "My Leagues" link. Follow the online instructions to add your League to the site.

After your League is added, click on "Entry Form" under "Singles Tournament" on the left to enter your first Tournament.

Check out some of our Top Winners and read our Tournament Rules and Frequently Asked Questions. Then Register on our site and enter your next Bowling Tournament today!