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VT Cup Series

NEW: The VT Cup Series is now a MONTHLY event.

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Here is how it will work:
For every dollar you win in our weekly Tournaments, you will be awarded one point per dollar, per league. If you are entered in our Tournament multiple times in one week (using multiple Leagues), then you will be entered into the VT Cup Series multiple times as well. However, since this is on a PER LEAGUE basis, you can only place in the top two of the VT Cup Series once.

Note that every dollar that you win in the Doubles Tournament will be worth two points.

How much does it cost?:
The cost to be involved in the VT Cup Series is already incorporated in the weekly Tournament Entry Fee. You do not have to do anything additional to be part of this. You simply enter any of our weekly Tournaments and you are automatically involved in the VT Cup Series. The more you enter, the better chance you have at winning.

What are my chances?:
That all depends on you. Enter into as many of our weekly Tournaments as you can, including Brackets, Sidepots and Eliminators, then just bowl your heart out. Doubles is a great way to enter multiple times each week since you can have unlimited number of entries by teaming up with multiple different people (or even the same people but different leagues). PLUS, you will be awarded DOUBLE the points in our Doubles Tournament.

What do the top two winners receive?:
That all depends on the number of entries we receive. For every Entry, $1.00 goes to the VT Cup Series Prize fund. Each Bracket, Sidepot and Eliminator purchased adds an additional $.25 each to the VT Cup Series Prize fund. Once the final Tournament of the previous month is processed, the top two bowlers of the previous month will split the prize fund as follows:

65% First Place
35% Second Place

In the event of a tie, the prize fund will be split evenly.

Additional Information:
Please post any questions that you may have in our VT Cup Series Message Board.

As always, good luck and good bowling!